The Best Kitchen Knives To Have This Year

I’ve made everything from pancakes to toast and even “Pigs in a Blanket”. I usually spend an hour a day in my own kitchen before taking Bestie out for a walk. This time, I wanted to do something different.

A knife is a must-have in your list of kitchen tools and more so a cutlery whose job can’t and will never be done by any other tool. It is that silent ingredient whose absence is painfully felt, much like its inefficiency. Yes, it will chop, slice, dice, penetrate and do all the other tasks, saving you lots of time and trouble for many more years to come.

When it comes to ranking the best kitchen knives – a paring knife, all-purpose serrated knife, a cook’s knife and bread knife, only experienced cooks and chefs can readily give a credible list. But it shouldn’t mean that the rest of us who know knives as just knives should be left to make their own selections.

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Would you like to replace your current collection of kitchen knives with a better, smarter best-rated ones?

(1). Wusthof Classic Chef Knife

When rating the best kitchen knives, the best German classic, a steel-made Wusthof, often emerge top. It’s that one favorite tool in great cooking shows, high-end restaurants, and hotels across the world.

Much of its popularity and widespread acceptance is because it boasts of unmatched heft and sharpness alongside proven ergonomics and balance. Wusthof Classic’s selling points include the unparalleled slicing and dicing features and the lifetime warranty.

(2). Shun Classic

As gorgeous-looking as it is razor-sharp blade, Shun Classic is another highly rated kitchen knife. It isn’t just its intricate cuts and paper-thin slicing features that make it perhaps the best of the knives, but also its feature as a versatile kitchen tool.

It comes with a super-thin blade made of steel, a factor that significantly contributes to its many years of usage. It’s truly great, and if you are looking to update your list of kitchenware, maybe this Japanese chef’s kit is what you will need.

(3). Henckels Professional Set

Germany is known for producing many great products, but when it comes to kitchen knives, none seems to rival this country’s prowess. Case in point is Henckels, and more specifically Pro S line that’s is a hunk of steel with bolster, and a designer three-rivet handle made to mimic wooden handle.

Beautiful as it is, it’s nicely balanced with a great heft, a blade – sharper than its peers, and perfect for every home’s kitchen. Choose it, and you will never have to sharpen and hone its edge.

(4). Global 7-inch Santoku Knife G-48

A cutting-edge collection of kitchen knives since the 1980s, Global 7-inch Santoku, is popular among lovers of razor-sharp edge knives because it’s just that. It’s extremely light with a stunning blade design and combines a touch of the classic types with modernity. You can use it as an all-purpose knife, which is still amazing

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