Perfect Japanese Knives

The best Japanese knives for the kitchen are not suited for everyone. Their particular approach in cooking their food especially fish made craft their knives to cater for skilled filleting of fish.These knives are best known for their precision in making paper thin cuts and slicing. Some of the best Japanese kitchen knives are:

• Shun Classic Chef Knife

Shun knives have incredible sharpness and beauty that attracts chefs. It is made of hard carbon steel graded and made in Japan. It can be used in cutting thick slabs of fish or meat because of its heft and edge.

• The Santoku

It is a general purpose knife but with thinner, shorter and agiler features compared to the standard knife. It measures between five to seven inches with a sheep foot tip and flatter edge

• Yoshihiro Stainless Steel Gyuto

The Gyuto is an all-purpose lightweight knife. It is best suited for precision works in fine preparation of light proteins and vegetables and also mincing. However, it does not perform well in cutting dense materials like cartilage or bone.

• The Sujihiki

The Sujihiki is a narrow, long blade that has a short height designed for slicing fish, boneless meat, game, and poultry. Its short height gives it less surface area that reduces friction hence makes it perfect for use in cutting ultra-thin slices.

• The Nakiri

It is a traditional knife that was designed for full rhythmic chopping strokes on vegetables. It features a flat profile with a short cleaver. It has substantially spine tapers, blunt tip and is thin behind the edge.

• The Misono UX10

With a range between 9.5 to 12 inches and thin, long blade, this knife is best used for cutting through large pieces of protein. When cutting, a single pull provides a precise, clean cut without ragged edges or torn pieces. It requires a deft and light slicing technique to get the best results. The Misono is similar to the traditional carving knife ideal for portioning and slicing.


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