The Perks of Having Shazam

If you don’t know what this app is, Shazam basically identifies any type of music playing around you. Honestly, I am very thankful that my friend introduced me to the Shazam app as I have identified many songs since then. In addition to that, I get to show off my ability to know every song on the face especially when my friends force me to remember their favourite songs. This app also looks a bit like Messenger which may get confusing if you put them near each other.

A Great Indie Discovery

Last night when I was watching the tv show Notorious, this song came on. Don’t worry I won’t spoil any scenes or anything but it was in the 6th episode. I was really captivated by the lyrics and the melody. Immediately, I shazammed it and I knew it’s genre was going to be alternative rock/indie. This is why I blessed the Shazam app. The song was called Dead Man’s Arms. The artist is 24 year old Bishop Briggs. I proceeded to check out her other songs which were equally amazing. One of her songs ‘Mercy’ was also featured in the xXx : Return of Xander Cage.